Time Management

Feeling overwhelmed, unproductive and always too busy?

First the bad news: you can't manage time. But the good news is that you can decide and learn to spend it wisely. Time Management is essentially about two things:

  1. Choosing where to spend your time for most impact towards your desired results; and
  2. Using your time efficiently.

This training consists of a one-day interactive session followed by a remote 1-hour coaching session.


After this training

  • Participants are fully aware of their strengths, pitfalls and self-sabotaging mechanisms regarding their use of time
  • They've identified their personal and most powerful leavers to more productivity without working harder
  • Participants have a crystal clear view on their priorities and establish a firm basis for making decisions
  • They know what their ideal schedule looks like and what specific actions they will take to get as close as possible
  • Participants leave with their personal most effective strategies to make sustainable change in the way they produce results
  • Freedom in your mind, more fun, better outcome
Selected references

2013 - Time management for the creative and artistic sector (Upwards)
2012 - Time management for Museum M
2011 & 2012 - Time management for Artists (Kunstenloket)
2010 - Turbotraining time management for doctoral students and postdoctoral students at the VIBes conference