Project Management

I'm working on a project! So how do I make it work until the very end...?

The top reasons why projects fail:

  • They are started without properly thinking them through
  • They lack a solid business case
  • We have or create unrealistic expectations
  • No planning or an unrealistic one was produced
  • There is no buy-in for the project
  • Too little resources have been foreseen
  • Risks have been underestimated or ignored
  • Too little time and attention goes to follow up and keeping the momentum during the project lifecycle

After this interactive workshop:

  • Participants master the basics of good and successful project management. They know the difference between a project and 'business as usual' and know how to act and plan accordingly
  • They know how to define the project scope
  • Participants create a milestone plan for their real-life projects
  • They identifying and managing their stakeholders
  • They know how to follow up a project in order to keep up the motivation and progress on speed
  • Participants know how to properly wrap-up and handover a project once the work is really done 
Selected references

2014 - Turbosession Managing projects for succes at the Management Assistant Forum for Kluwer
2009 - now - As part of the track Managing my PhD for True Colours 
2009 - now - several sessions for Seven Miles at both educational institutes and the profit sector (e.g. Sara Lee)