Office Politics for Women

Struggling because of the political play?

Don’t let your ‘disgust’ for office politics keep you from growing the career you love, you can do this too!

So you finally reached a position you worked hard for to get to and you discover it’s harder than you thought. Many women struggle with the new dimension and skill, that may be even more important than your technical skills: politics. “Disgusting!”, many women say, “No way I’m going to be part of that!”. But why would you let yourself get out of the game because of a skill you can learn…?

During this 2-day training:

  • You learn to recognize different types of behavior, the effects it has on you and other people and what impact you could gain
  • You get a crystal clear view on your strengths and pitfalls, your growth potential andlittle demons keeping you where you don’t want to be
  • You will understand how you let yourself get cornered and how to avoid it
  • You learn to play the different male and female archetypes in the unique and famous 7 Vices™ model developed by Ellen Söentken.
  • You discover who’s who in your professional environment and decide on your own preferred position in the game
  • You learn to say no
  • You’ll have the opportunity to practice new behavior in a new environment with our professional actress.

EXTRA! Until 3 months after the session, you are entitled to an individual (remote) 1 hour coaching session.


The 7 Vices by Ellen Soëntken

The 7 Vices of Female Executives (© Ellen Söentken) is a powerful and easy to apply model based on 4 female archetypes (Frump, Virgin, Witch, Whore) and 4 male archetypes (God, Judas, Devil, Savior). With a sense of humour it allows you to analyse office politics and to successfully intervene. To ensure you let no opportunity slip through your fingers.