Career Management, employability and reorientation

Get your employees at the steering wheel in their careers!

Lifetime employment and job security don't exist. The only job security you have to offer is to train your employees to be and remain employable all through their careers.  

This workshop is particularly suited for

  • employees entering the mid-career phase (30+) who have higher risk of dropping out of the talent pool due to combination of lives
  • employees who need to re-orient after redundancy or after return from long-term absence
  • women returning from maternity leave

The workshop can be held in English, Dutch or French.


After this interactive session the participants

  • know their short, medium and long term career goals
  • are aware of their assets and pitfalls, their risks and opportunities for growth 
  • know what roles fit them best
  • have a strategy to discuss their desired changes
  • know how to have constructive and crucial conversations with their main stakeholders, at work and at home
  • have a long term vision that puts them at ease in the short term
  • enjoy higher motivationget better results and are more flexibly employable

This workshop empowers particularly women even better when combined with "Office Politics for Women" with The 7 Vices™

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What participants say

 It helped me to see and visualize what are really my goals in life, both professionally and personally. Suddenly all the “how to get there” steps were clear and kept popping into my mind. So thanks again!” Nasrine

“The workshop helped me to define what was important to me in my private and professional life. By chance two months later I had to move to France to follow my husband. Therefore I started to look for a new job an I was really successful because I knew exactly what I was looking for!” Edith

"We were asked to stand on a virtual line with scores from 1 to 10 and stand on the score for our current professional situation. Each person explained her score and what it would take to gain 1 point. What happened was again insightful and even emotional, as we listened to one another’s stories. Els was impressed by our resourcefulness as we spontaneously mentored one another. No need to explain to a EUMA member the strength of networking, right? Choose your battles, work with your strengths and stay authentic!" The Journal of European Management Assistants