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  • Office Politics for Women
    How to recognize the politics in organizations and how to play with them for more result, a better collaboration and above all more ease of mind and happiness at work

  • Making a choice for happiness
    Why active career management is the key to a long, happy and successful career and will bring you to brilliant results

  • The career or your dreams
    Building a career around the things you love making use of you biggest talent and building a platform for authentic choices

  • Employability is a Trainable Skill
    Why organizations training employability and learning employees to manage their own career leads to better performance, higher employee and client satisfaction and is an essential part of corporate social responsibility

Els was already invited as speaker at

  • Sofia Network - December 2012
  • JUMP Forum - April 2013
  • Acerta - August 2013
  • Artemis Network - September 2013
  • VOV fair - November 2013
  • Artemis Oost-Vlaanderen - December 2013
  • EDF Luminus Women Network - March 2014
  • Management Assistant Congres, Kluwer - April 2014
  • Happiness Event - June 2014