Elsewhere Consulting offers 3 different coaching options: business coaching, career coaching and executive coaching.

Business Coaching
Typical coaching questions are
  • A recently promoted collaborator is not delivering on the promise and is showing doubts or lack of self-confidence
  • You were promoted to a management position and are facing challenges in dealing with people issues and getting your arms around the time demands of your new position
  • A promising employee or manager is at risk of burning out
  • Suddenly collaborating with a specific employee or manager has become impossible. The team and colleagues are complaining
  • An employee you don't want to miss is thinking of leaving the company because of a personal disconnect with the organization
  • A talented employee or manager is not adjusting to new demands at a higher level and not enough aware of political play

A typical coaching track consists or an intake and 5 sessions of 2 hours. These can be performed remote, at the Elsewhere Consulting offices or at the client site.

Executive Coaching

Typical struggles of managers at top levels can be

  • How do you keep the fun in your work as demands and P&L pressure rises?
  • Suffering from 'imposter syndrome'. Suddenly you have to know all the answers while this is new to you too
  • You are not sure this is what you still want now you've reached what you've worked for
  • You are looking for coaching and counseling while you step up your game when visibility becomes critical
  • Getting stuck in politics and not knowing how to survive
  • Getting stuck in a working relationship that turns out more challenging than expected and that may even be a career stopper if not handled smartly

An executive coaching is more flexible depending on the need. We always start with an intake.

Career Coaching

You know it's time to take a good look at your current and future career path if

  • You feel frustrated by your current work situation
  • Difficult relationships at work make daily life unpleasant
  • You feel undervalued or overwhelmed
  • You want change but don't know how
  • You're bored and don't see any possibilities of making your work more interesting
  • You don't see your work-life balance working anymore
  • You're burned out

These are just a number of reasons why clients start career coaching. We have several packages available. Elsewhere Consulting is a certified Center for Career Guidance and can therefore accept 'Loopbaancheques' issued by the VDAB.